2019 Members


Global Bronze Productions

Julia Falkenburg
New York City, NY

Global Bronze Productions (GBP) strives to bring the artistry of Handbell Music to audiences and renowned venues around the globe.  GBP is a standout concert production company solely dedicated to quality performances of extensive Handbell literature.

Resonate Tours

William Kyle
310 Hampton Ct #4
Lexington, KY 40508 USA

At Resonate Tours, we believe that travel doesn’t have to be just an escape – it can be a journey. By bringing like-minded people together, bound by a common interest in music, art, culture, and travel, Resonate Tours helps you find your frequency while discovering the rhythm of the world.

Witte Travel & Tours

Keith Cole
3250 28th Street S.E.
Grand Rapids, MN 49512 USA

At Witte Travel & Tour, our goals are to make your performance and travel experience enjoyable, to ensure your concerts are well received, and to meet or exceed your expectations for a memorable trip. We have been designing and operating custom designed performance tours since 1975, and our repeat clients and their referrals are our best proof that we are meeting our goals time after time. Additionally, we are dedicated to making touring with handbells as easy an experience as possible and thus, have invested in tables, foam and table coverings that can be used while touring in Europe. We would be honored to help you design your own future tour. Please contact our performance tour division for further information.

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